Mountain Bikes for Travel

Everything You Need to Know about Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are one of the most popular types of bike out there and this is probably because, depending on the type, they can handle many different landscapes and a range of terrain. This allows bikers to explore and travel more on their vehicle than ever before.

They also vary in a number of different ways too – and if you’re thinking about getting one, it may be a good idea to learn more before you make a purchase.


What is a mountain bike?

These types of bikes were designed to ride off-road and even though they’re famed to be able to deal with mountainous regions, they can traverse all kinds of natural scenery. They are intrinsically similar to other kinds of bikes, but they have differences that make them far more suitable for off-road riding. Other kinds of bikes, such as BMX and road bikes, struggle in these types of areas.

As a result, mountain bikes are more durable on rough terrain and perform much better than their counterparts.

Things you need to know about mountain bikes

There are a number of these bikes available – and they all differ from one another. For example, trail bikes (which is the most common type of mountain bike) can be used for most riding-purposes, whereas downhill bikes are designed specifically for the purpose of going downhill.

As each type is different, it’s important that you find the one that best suits your wants and needs. If you simply want a bike to ride around a variety of different landscapes, then the best option is likely to be a trail bike.

Overall, mountain bikes are designed to be fast and nimble, but they can also beat a number of obstacles that other kinds of bikes suffer with, such as rocks and tree roots that you might face when riding off-road.

How these bikes are made

Bikes of this kind are made to be more durable, more comfortable when riding on rougher ground and they generally have better shock absorption and more traction than ordinary bikes.

When you buy through a recognised bike shop, the frames are generally made to be tough, which will help in making them more durable, but since many of them are made of aluminium, they’re also fairly light, too. There are also some mountain bikes that are made of steel (which is much heavier) and others of titanium, which is light but more usually more expensive.

You can even get accessories (such as water bottle holders and lights) to go on your bike too, to make your vehicle even better.